Prepare yourselves for the time of your lives! Let’s Plan together your best holidays in Greece!

Is the tomato tastier in Crete? When the north wind blows, the beach I chose will be suitable for swimming? Why do the euzones wear these clothes? Where can I eat homemade food? In which festival does it have authentic dances? Where will I drink the best local wine?

These are some of the questions that in the years I served the Greek tourism, various visitors asked me. My name is Leonidas Sakellariadis and I was born in Thessaloniki.
I served the Greek tourism for 25 years and my contact with the visitors of my country was direct.

So after a "lifetime" in battle positions, I found a big gap that is not covered by technology and I decided to create this site, in collaboration with Stella Kotoula, with whom I worked successfully for many years. Our goal; to actively help the visitors of our country.

Everyone wants to learn and visit as much as possible and above all to have the best time possible on their vacation.

So on this site, I will share with you information about your vacation in my country, we will plan together what you want and how you want it, so that you can enjoy your vacation as locals and not as tourists.

Leonidas and Stella on a tour at Ancient Corinth

Why Us

We are here for those who, no matter their budget, do not want the usual holiday packages from companies and agents with whom they have very little or even no contact at all.
We help you tailor an itinerary based on your needs and interests as it is 100% customizable. No matter your age, budget, possible health problems or any other particular preference you may have.
To us personal contact is fundamental and for that reason our appointments will take place via web camera so that we will get to know you and better care for your needs.
Our easy to use site, which is also friendly to users of all ages, will give you all the details about the way we offer our services and it guarantees that there are no hidden charges.
Since we are not agents nor concierge,we offer you your personally customized itinerary, by your personal local Greek consultant because your vacation deserve no compromises.

How we can help you

The following steps will make sure that your navigation through the site and the appointment booking is an easy and fast procedure!

Book an online appointment and share with us your ideas for your holidays. When booking you will have to answer a few basic questions that will help us prepare for our appointment. Right after you will receive a confirmation e – mail with the appointment link.
During our appointment you will give us the specifics about your group’s interests and needs to help us tailor the best option so that you will be able to enjoy your vacation like a local and not just like a tourist.Then you will receive our suggested itinerary via e- mail so that you will have the time to discuss it with your friends and family. On our second appointment we will finalize your itinerary by answering your questions if any and by making the necessary adjustments based on your preferences. Lastly, you will receive your detailed itinerary that will include all the necessary information regarding your transportation, your accommodation and the activities you have chosen. All booking and payments will be made by you. The price per appointment that lasts half an hour is 25 euros. If you wish to book an appointment on Saturday the fee is 50 euros per appointment.

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