Coming to Greece is absolutely safe. There is no risk of any infection and in case of an accident or other kind of medical emergency the hospital and pharmacies are equipped and the doctors are excellent. Even in secluded areas medical care is more than sufficient. 

Most people when think of Greece they think about the shining islands and the beautiful beaches with the crystal clear waters, but Greece is not just that. There are many options for those who choose Greece as a winter destination such as ski resorts and amazing little towns in the mountains. Summer is the busiest time of the year and even if the temperatures can be really high, we would suggest that you do not miss to experience the uniqueness of the Greek summer.

If you visit in summer make sure that you pack light clothes, hat, sun glasses and sun block as the temperatures can reach very high levels and the sun is very bright for the most part of the day. Most likely you will need the above items on autumn and spring, since the bright sun and the warm temperatures occupy the majority of the year. If you choose to visit in winter, you should pack warm clothes as it can get very cold, especially in certain areas. You should keep your sun glasses thought as we have bright sun all year long!

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