Cultural vacation. For those who enjoy ancient history and mythology Greece is the right place to be. The countless ancient monuments will take you to an unforgettable journey through the centuries. Starting from the prehistoric time until modern days, our inheritance can impress. You  will witness the birth of democracy, theater, science and many others in frond of your eyes. Because cultural vacation does not only include ancient temples, but also concerts, plays and various musical and visual events. So that you can enjoy the arts at every form!

Theatrical Performance at the Ancient Theater of Epidauros!Museum-of-ArcheologyNational Archaiological museum Odeon of Herodes Atticus Crete_Heraklion_Fodele_ElGrecoMuseum_1096_photo-Y-Skoulas-2.jpg Macedonia_Thessaloniki_ArchaeologicalMuseum_3313_HKakarouhas-1-scaled.jpg Macedonia_Thessaloniki_ByzantineCivilMuseum_3316_HKakarouhas-1-scaled.jpg Macedonia_Thessaloniki_CinemaMuseum_1430_-HKakarouhas-1-scaled.jpg Macedonia_Thessaloniki_ConcertHall_1893_HKakarouhas-1-scaled.jpgAthens_NationalMuseumOfContemporaryArt_1021_YSkoulasAthens_BenakiMuseum_004_photo_YSkoulas

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